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Programmable is a crypto intelligence company. We help investors to invest early in the most impactful innovation.

Permissionless Investment

We build software systems that find signal amidst deafening noise. Early crypto investment is unlike traditional VC investment. We do not have to ask protocol founders for their order books or analytics data. We do not have to ask them for demonstrations, design documents, or code samples. This is because transactions are recorded on the blockchain, and because protocols are open source. The challenge, of course, is to navigate this unprecedented access and make sense of it all. This is our unfair advantage. Our systems measure, classify and predict the real-world impact of protocols in real time.

Permissionless Innovation

We direct investment to protocols that unlock permissionless innovation. We are agnostic about the view that programmable money will eat fiat currency. This is the Bitcoin maximalist position. Instead, we believe that real disruption will come from making valuable assets openly programmable. We believe that this will start with borderless lending and (parametric) insurance. In time, we believe that smart contracts will serve as community-driven APIs (incentivised and open source). These APIs will incrementally address current weaknesses: scale, speed, and confidential computation. As this happens, applications will grow and value will compound.

About Us

We are Google alumni: Douglas de Jager, Sebastian Millius, and Simon Overell. Our lead investor is AlphaLab Capital, one of the world's largest algorithmic trading firms for crypto.

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